TOMACO SAS hardened, welded bandsaw blades

Bandsaw blades production by TOMACO is based both on users' experience, as well as company's research and developement process, which led to creation of the unique toothing technology – called SAS. Bandsaws produced in SAS technology make quick and straight cuts, whereas high stability of teeth set allows you to perform few initial sharpenings without any setting correction. The surface obtained as a result of cutting is smooth while the power needed to run sawmill is much lower.

Permanent part of the production process is quality control of each bandsaw blade coming out of production line. After completion of quality control, each bandsaw blade is marked with indelible stamp consisting of number with encoded production date and quality control employee ID number. In case of blade fault detection it's easy to quickly identify who is responsible for faulty production. This system practically eliminated production faults and enabled TOMACO band saw blades to be one of the best blades available on market.

TOMACO - branded Bandsaw blades gain more and more satisfied customers in Poland and abroad. Join them – achieve better comfort and efficiency of your work. We will assist you in selecting a bandsaw blade matching your individual needs, as well as provide you with our professional technical consulting in case you experience any problems with cutting quality.

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