Narrow bandsaw blades

Technical and exploitative features

With regard to the material used in manufacturing process and the manufacturing method, the following trademarks have been assigned to particular saw types:

made from high quality steel alloy, designed for demanding users with broad knowledge and technical culture. Correctly used RAWOOD saw can compete with the best-known saw brands. High hardness (46-48RC) makes the saw recommendable for work in low temperature.

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a flexible saw for the less demanding users. It becomes blunt faster, but also is more understanding for using and servicing mistakes. Designed for sawmills, where low price is the most important criterion of choice.

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rigid body of an “old gold” color looking saw ensures good conducting through the material. The alloy steel used in the manufacturing process has been selected in a way that ensures the best relation between the rigidity and the risk of cracking during an abnormal usage.

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a saw with additionally hardened teeth that reach hardness of 60HRC. Regarding the chemical composition, the saw material (USA) is close to ECON saws, however it has some micro-additions that ensure an excellent induction hardening of the teeth tips. Hardness of the hardening zone excesses 60HRC.

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the material used in the manufacturing process do not differ from those used in AGAT saws, however the teeth scale has been reduced to 20,2 mm so the saw is excellent for cutting very hard or frozen timber. It should be noted, that thanks to keeping the primary tooth shape along with a reduced scale there is no need to adjust the borazon sharpener while working with standard and reduced blades.

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All band saw blade types are manufactured with a new technology called SAS and developed by Tomaco. It ensured excellent cutting results as well as stability during the first phase of usage.

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