Selection of bandsaw blades

Correct selection of bandsaw blades  ensures efficient and trouble-free work as well as perfect post-cut surface.

Selection criteria:

  • type of wood being processed
  • sawmill construction
  • cutting enviroment temperature

There are many theories concerning bandsaw blade selection based on negative and positive exploitation experiences. Main goal is cutting process optimalization. In some cases bandsaw blade may work very well on one sawmill and poorly on the other other one. It is because a design of sawmill may vary one from another, so they may generate different vibrations and different cutting conditions.

The best possible way of selecting bandsaw blades is through work testing, while applying some general rules, for example using harder bandsaw blade with smaller setting (0,4-0,5 mm on side) for cutting hard wood, or bandsaw blades with larger setting (0,6-0,7 mm on side) for soft wood.

We offer few types of bandsaw blades made of few types of steel in order to let every customer choose a tool best suited for their work type and individual needs. We provide assistance in selection and exploitation of our bandsaw blades.

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